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☑ High reliability dual cartridge seals for mixers and agitators
☑ Dual Cartridge Seal
☑ High temp.
Model : MGS2000 Dual Mixer/Agitator Mechanical seal

Dual cartridge seal MGS 2000 revolutionizes mixer seals with the integration of sturdy construction, high resistance to stress, durability, light weight, compactness, and ease of delivery and installation.

With advanced dual cartridge design and balanced construction for both pressure directions, MGS 2000 can accommodate shaft runout and prevent VOC emissions, providing high operational safety. As a dynamic fluid sealing instrument, MGS 2000 seal's capabilities of cooling through a pressurized flush liquid, self-circulating, and handling lowpressure, low-speed rotating equipment with large runout make it the best working partner to reaction kettles.

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【Operating Capabilities】
  • Temperature: -20 ~ 230℃ (-4 ~ 446 ℉ )
  • Pressure: Up to 284psig (20 kg/cm2G)
  • Surface Speed: Up to 1968 fpm (10 m/s)

【Standard Materials】
  • Stationary Ring:Carbon Graphite / Silicon Carbide / Tungsten Carbide
  • Rotary Ring:Silicon Carbide / Tungsten Carbide
  • Metal Parts:316 SS / 304 SS / 316L SS / 316Ti SS / Duplex Stainless / Alloy C-276 / Titanium / Monel®
  • Elastomeric O-rings:FKM / AFLAS / NBR / EPDM / TV / FFKM (SceniRAZTM / Chemraz® / Kalrez®)
  • Gland Gasket:Glass-Filled PTFE / Non- Asbestos / O-Ring
  • Springs:316 SS / Alloy C-276 / Inconel®

  • Light and compact construction enables easy assembly and long-distance shipment, and quick and easy on-site installation with no professional assistance required.
  • Advanced dual cartridge design features heavy duty transmission construction for maximum seal reliability.
  • Pumping grooves on the seal sleeve provide cooling effect by circulating the cooling fluid to carry away seal-generated heat, improving sealing efficiency and stability.
  • Tolerance for shaft runout up to ±1.3 mm during operation, increasing operational reliability.
  • Robust compression ring for pressure transmission extends sealing face life.
  • With balanced construction for both pressure directions, this seal operates well with a barrier/buffer fluid pressurized or unpressurized, depending on the application; the pressurized mode is equivalent to API 682 piping plans 53/54 while the unpressurized mode equivalent to plan 52.
  • Low emissions design effectively minimizes VOC emissions to comply with the environmental emission regulations.
  • Monolithic sealing faces with precise dimensions, and excellent resistance to wear and distortion.
  • Suitable for rotating equipment with significant radial shaft movement (e.g. runout, whip or deflection), axial shaft movement (end play), and high vibration levels, such as large mixers and agitators.
  • Ideal for rotating equipment that requires dual seals to contain VOC emissions.
  • Widely used in the refining, petrochemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, electric power, chemical processing, and pulp and paper industries.