Plant Consolidation Analysis

Sealing Solutions  Sealing Solutions

Scenic conducts a professional analysis of the rotating equipment and fluids in the entire factory area to provide a systematic sealing solution. We plan the mechanical seals and wear-resistant components dedicated to each process in a project-based manner to complete the entire factory planning with the lowest cost and risk while ensuring the reliability and stability of the manufacturing process. Our goal is to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of our customers.

Scenic's R&D team possesses the necessary resources to offer customers a complete turnkey package in mechanical seal design, including analyzing seal configurations and recommending wear-resistant materials to reduce maintenance costs based on the results of inspections and tests conducted using our dynamic seal testing equipment and custom analysis software. Our exceptional results ensure successful process and operation. In addition, we also offer a range of supplementary products such as dry gas seals, FFKM O-rings, seal grinding parts, and high-performance composite materials to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

As to maintenance, we are able to provide customers with a comprehensive report on seal failure analysis and recommend solutions for improvement in maintenance. Our technical service package has received commendation from our satisfied customers.

  • Inspection and Technical Consultation for Seals
  • Seals Rebuilding and Improvement
  • Customized Design for ODM & OEM Projects
  • Failure Analysis for Seals
  • Reporting and Follow-Up Services