Oil & Gas


Fuel Gas, LPG., Naphtha, Kerosene, Diesel, Heavy Oil

The environment within a petroleum refining plant is complex and challenging, characterized by high temperatures, pressures, impurities, high viscosity, and high volatility. These factors can pose significant safety hazards such as fires or explosions. It is crucial to develop diverse processing plans to ensure safety in response to the ever-changing environment. To prevent oil leakage and avert safety incidents caused by petroleum vapor, efficient mechanical sealing devices are required.

As an expert in mechanical seals, Scenic has designed a series of seals specifically for petroleum refining plants, which meet API 682 standards. Scenic offer the most suitable combination of seals, from petroleum distillation to light natural gas and even high-temperature boiler water, ensuring the operation of industrial equipment, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs, and improving the efficiency and service life of equipment.

Sealing Solution