Pulp & Paper


Chemical Pulp Treatment, Paper Production, Waste Paper Processing

The paper & pulp industry is characterized by its high energy consumption and strong commitment to environmental concerns. During the process, mediums such as wood chips, steam, water, and chemical solutions traverse through equipment, such as mixers and paper machines under high pressure and temperature. The high-speed of these mediums can drive to high friction and heat, leading to damage and leakage of mechanical components, resulting in environmental pollution and safety hazards. Consequently, the implementation of reliable mechanical seals is indispensable in ensuring the integrity of the paper pulp manufacturing process.

Scenic's mechanical seals possess excellent sealing performance, capable of withstanding high pressure, high temperature, and mediums containing solid particles, and the unique design structure effectively promotes the flow of solid particles and significantly reduces friction and heat generation. Also use corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant materials to meet the specific requirements of chemical solvents. Scenic is committed to providing professional sealing solutions at all stages of the paper industry, ensuring smooth processes while reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

Sealing Solution