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Conventional power plant, Nuclear power plant, Bioenergy

In a power plant, high-temperature, high-pressure media such as steam, gas, and oil undergo corrosive and chemical reactions as they pass through high-speed rotating equipment. Therefore, the shaft seals used in these plants must be able to withstand high temperature and pressure while also exhibiting excellent corrosion resistance and chemical stability to prevent VOC leakage and protect equipment and personnel safety.

In addition, the shaft seals used in power plants must have excellent self-lubrication and self-cooling properties to minimize wear and heat buildup, which extends their lifespan given the long operating hours of the plant. Scenic's shaft seals leverage advanced self-lubrication and self-cooling technologies to maintain stable sealing performance and durability even during high-speed, prolonged operation. Our seals feature exclusive patented structures that significantly reduce maintenance costs and time, simplify and expedite installation, and ensure uninterrupted and stable power plant operation.

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