Scenic Innovation Design

Innovation Design

Our R&D team is highly experienced in cartridge mechanical seals, The innovative design incorporates patented structures and modern configurations ensuring excellent performance. These seals are widely used across various industries.

Scenic Sealing Solutions

Plant Consolidation Analysis

Scenic provides a systematic sealing solution by analyzing the rotating equipment and fluids in the entire factory area, offering mechanical seal customized design, wear-resistant materials, and maintenance services, including inspection, rebuilding, failure analysis, and reporting.

Scenic Materials Supplying

Materials Supplying

Scenic specializes in applying variety of corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant materials, such as SGL Carbon, SIC, TC and composite engineering materials and more. Also provides special corrosion-resistant materials including titanium alloy Ti2, Hastelloy C-276, zirconium, and more.

Scenic Own-Brand Oring

Own-Brand Oring

Scenic offers a wide range of O-rings, including Own-Brand FFKM SceniRAZ comes in large stock for fast shipping , as well as customized sizes and material recommendations from our experienced engineering team.