Own-Brand O-ring

Own-Brand O-ring FFKM (perfluoroelastomer) Oring is widely used in the sealing components, valves, and equipment of refining or chemical processes. They are the best material choice for improving the service life of mechanical seals and reducing VOC emissions. In now days, cartridge seals have been widely used, single cartridge seal require at least 3 O-rings, and dual cartridge seal require 7 or more.

At Scenic, we provide a wide range of O-rings, including FFKM materials such as Kalrez®, Chemraz®, and our own high-quality brand SceniRAZ®. Additionally, we offer other materials such as TV (Teflon-coated Viton) or TS (Teflon-coated silicone) to meet various needs and operating conditions.

SceniRAZ® is an original Scenic brand that provides high-quality FFKM O-ring, which meet a variety of harsh operating conditions. In addition to AS-568 standard sizes, we also offer customized sizes. Our professional engineering team can provide customers with the best size recommendations and material selections based on their process and operating conditions.