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☑ Dual Cartridge Seal
☑ Standard DIN/ANSI
☑ Restrains VOC Emission Prevention
☑ High temp.
Model : CL299 Dual Mechanical seal

In a back-to-back arrangement, the CarLife 299 cartridge seal continues to impress customers with its competitive price, field proven reliability, and large runout capability beyond industrial requirements, and has already been widely used for a broad range of applications across various industries.
As a paradigm in the design of the CarLife family, the CarLife 299 features part interchangeability between inboard and outboard seals. Moreover, besides similar construction and assembly procedure, the family shares major parts. More shared parts mean simpler maintenance process and inventory management. As a result, our CarLife customers are able to stock fewer inventory parts and pay much lower maintenance and inventory holding costs. And the more CarLife products they use, the more benefits they can gain from their cost-effective CarLife seals.

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【Operating Capabilities】

  • Temperature: (Plan 52/53) -40 ~ 310°C (-40 ~ 583 °F ) 
                                   (Plan 54) -20 ~ 180°C (-4 ~ 356 °F ) 
  • Pressure: Up to 300 psig (21 kg/cm2G)
  • Surface Speed: Up to 5000 fpm (25 m/s)

【Standard Materials】
  • Stationary Ring:Silicon Carbide / Tungsten Carbide
  • Rotary Ring:Silicon Carbide / Tungsten Carbide / Carbon Graphite
  • Metal Parts:316 SS / 304 SS / 316L SS / 316Ti SS / Duplex Stainless / Alloy C-276 / Titanium / Monel®
  • Elastomeric O-rings:FKM / AFLAS / NBR / EPDM / TV / FFKM (SceniRAZTM / Chemraz® / Kalrez®)
  • Gland Gasket:Glass-Filled PTFE / Non- Asbestos / Spiral-Wound
  • Spring:316 SS / Alloy C-276 / Inconel®

  • The patented cartridge design features innovative drop-proof springs, thereby speeding installation and maintenance.
  • Our jumbo coil springs have better wear resistance than many other brands.
  • Balanced design for both pressure directions, promoting a higher level of sealing stability.
  • Flexible piping plans with a barrier/buffer fluid pressurized or unpressurized, depending on the application.
  • Robust construction with large runout capability.
  • Self-aligning compensates for shaft runout up to ±0.8 mm, increasing operational reliability.
  • Micro-polished outer surfaces of O-rings for anti-stick mounting.
  • Natural circulation heat exchanging design delivers bidirectional cooling flows at high flow rates, greatly extending MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) because of less heat.
  • Monolithic sealing faces with precise dimensions and excellent resistance to wear.
  • Low emissions design effectively restrains VOC emissions.
  • Interchangeable inboard and outboard sealing faces.
  • Maximum interchangeability of parts among the CarLife family.
  • Ability to tolerate short intermittent dry running in batch charging and discharging equipment.
  • Prevent hazardous emissions of acidic, caustic, corrosive, volatile and toxic media.
  • Withstand dry running involved with frequent starts and stops.
  • Suitable for a wide range of rotating equipment, such as chemical process pumps, vertical pumps, centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps and eccentric screw pumps.
  • Widely used in the alcohol (e.g. methanol and ethanol), bio-diesel and corn processing industries.
  • Suited for a variety of industrial applications, including refining, petrochemical, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, pipeline transportation, power generation, steel, semiconductor, electronics, biotechnology, water resource, and wastewater treatment.