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☑ Viking Pump
☑ Dual Cartridge Seal
☑ High temp.
☑ High Pressure
☑ High Viscousity
☑ VOC Controllable
Model : VK302 Lobe / Gear Pump Cartridge Seals

【Operating Capabilities】
  • Temperature: -40 ~ 200°C (-40 ~ 392°F )
  • Pressure: Up to 355 psig (25 kg/cm2G)
  • Surface Speed: Up to 3940 fpm (20 m/s)

【Standard Materials】

  • Stationary Ring:Carbon Graphite / Silicon Carbide / Tungsten Carbide
  • Rotary Ring:Silicon Carbide / Tungsten Carbide
  • Metal Parts:316 SS / 304 SS / 316L SS / 316Ti SS / Duplex Stainless / Alloy C-276 / Titanium / Monel®
  • Elastomeric O-rings:FKM / AFLAS / NBR / EPDM / TV / FFKM (SceniRAZTM / Chemraz® / Kalrez®)
  • Gland Gasket:Glass-Filled PTFE / Non- Asbestos / O-Ring
  • Springs:316 SS / Alloy C-276 / Inconel®

※ More customized sealing solutions. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Specific equipment application, mechanical seal for Viking Gear Pump.
  • Integral drive structure: Drop-proof springs are pre-installed on the drive structure to facilitate quicker repairs, disassembly, and assembly.
  • Unwetted Spring Design: Uncontaminated springs, less stress, no corrosion or hang-up condition.
  • Common spring design: Equal distribution of spring load between the inner & outer seal faces, compensates shaft end-play.
  • Self-alignment capability: Tolerates shaft's greater run-out.
  • Dual balance design (external & internal): In the event of upset or reversal pressure, seal faces will NOT be blown open.
  • Monolithic faces: NO distortion or deformation,  provide superior wear & corrosion resistance. 
  • Micro-polished O-ring seat: Glossy contact surface, prevents o-ring adherence, promotes smooth & flexible movement of secondary seal. 
  • Highly efficient pumping ring: Precision pumping ring is used to optimize the external buffer or cooling water circulation, improving the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure).
  • VOC leakage control: With installation of seal pots, near-zero VOC leakage can be achieved, while meeting environmental protection requirements.
  • API piping plan52/53: Conformed to standard API 682; optioned to operate in un-pressurized or pressurized system to prevent variation in operating pressure and enhance the service life and safety of the shaft seal.
  • Outer deflector  ring (groove cooling deflector): Effectively guide barrier or buffer fluid to enter and exit the flush sealing surface, enhancing the heat exchange rate and cooling efficiency. 
  • Ring-groove thrust collar design
  • Claw-shaped drive structure design

  • Viking pump and gear pump for handling high viscosity.
  • Huge heavy oil process pump as API 682 standard.
  • High safety level required for handling hazardous and toxic fluids.
  • Widely applied in resin and rubber industries. 
  • Applied in handling high viscosity, contaminant, and easy to crystallization fluids.
  • Pulp and paper, petrochemical, foodstuff processing, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, power plant, and wastewater treatment.