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MGS99 Mixer/Agitator Mechanical seal


☑ Dry-running single cartridge seals for mixers and agitators

Designed specifically for mixers and agitators, the MGS99 single seal is capable of running completely dry without the need for a pressurized chamber fluid or associated external cooling system. As a good alternative to gland packing, the MGS99 is well suited for a variety of industrial applications that require high purity or vacuum processes, such as chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and electronics, and for mixers and other rotating equipment in various shaft sizes with large run out under low-speed, vacuum or low pressure operating conditions.

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  • Specific Features
  • Operating Capabilities
  • Applications
  • Light, simple and compact design for easy installation and dismantling, no additional cooling or lubrication needed.
  • Advanced cartridge transmission construction with dropproof springs for quick assembly and replacement.
  • Heavy duty transmission mechanism with durable components to withstand large shaft movement, in all directions, during equipment startup and shutdown.
  • Spring retainer locked inside to combine the transmission module and gland into a single unit, ensuring no springs dropped during repair.
  • Robust compression ring for pressure transmission extends sealing face life.
  • Springs are non-rotating and isolated from the process medium during operation, free from cracking and clogging problems due to stress corrosion and crystals or solids, respectively.
  • Self-aligning compensates for shaft runout up to ±0.6~1.1mm, increasing operational reliability.
  • Balanced design ensures superior and consistent sealing between sealing faces.
  • Monolithic sealing faces are manufactured with precise dimensions and selected materials for excellent resistance to wear and deformation.
  • Surfaces in direct contact with the dynamic O-rings during operation are micro-polished to avoid stick-slip.
  • The CarLife family features maximum interchangeability of parts to reduce spares inventories, thereby leading to much lower maintenance and inventory holding costs.