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CL99 Mechanical Seal


☑ Economical and general-purpose designs for industrial applications
☑ Standard DIN/ANSI
☑ Single Cartridge Seal

With CL99 as a symbolism of longevity in Mandarin, CarLife 99, an abbreviation for Cartridge Life 99, is characterized by its long and trouble-free working life.

Among the CarLife family seals, CarLife 99 is the most popular one, offering significant savings in owning costs, and has been serving our vast customers worldwide ever since it hit the market. Created with simple yet sound construction, CarLife 99 is highly reliable and has been widely used in a variety of industrial sectors, particularly for chemical and water resource process applications.

(1)CarLife 99:Standard configuration
(2)CarLife 99QD:Standard configuration with quench and drain ports

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  • Specific Features
  • Operating Capabilities
  • Applications
  • The patented cartridge design features innovative dropproof springs, thereby speeding installation and maintenance.
  • Lightweight and balanced construction for optimal performance.
  • Self-aligning compensates for shaft runout up to ±0.8 mm, increasing operational reliability.
  • Stationary and divorced from the process media, the springs have prolonged service life.
  • Our jumbo coil springs have better wear resistance than many other brands.
  • All applied O-rings are micro-polished to ensure smooth and anti-stick surfaces.
  • Monolithic sealing faces with precise dimensions and excellent resistance to wear.
  • The CarLife family shares the major parts.


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