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CL99SS Mechanical seal

☑ Flushless single seal for moderately abrasive services

Inheriting the features of the CARLIFE 99® single cartridge mechanical seal, CARLIFE 99SS is primarily designed for slurry, highly solid contents and highly viscous medium environments.

The CarLife 99SS mechanical seal is specifically designed to resist moderate process solids without the need for a flush. Through an advanced design of anti-clogging construction, the seal is capable of providing uninterrupted operation without hanging up due to impurities or abrasive solids. The innovative subcartridge design enables faster maintenance and repair than conventional cartridge seals. Fitting both enlarged bore and tapered bore seal chambers, the CarLife 99SS meets the latest design criteria set by the fluid sealing industry and followed by most main seal manufacturers.

In addition to similar construction and assembly procedure, the CarLife 99SS and MGS series have maximum interchangeability of parts. More shared parts mean simpler maintenance process and inventory management. As a result, our CarLife 99SS customers are able to stock fewer inventory parts and pay much lower maintenance and inventory holding costs. And the more CarLife 99SS products they use, the more benefits they can gain from their cost-effective CarLife 99SS seals.

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  • Specific Features
  • Operating Capabilities
  • Applications
  • Patented disposable sub-cartridge design for ease of maintenance and replacement.
  • Separable gland with U-notches for alignment can be used repeatedly.
  • Self-aligning compensates for shaft runout up to ±0.5 mm, increasing operational reliability.
  • No need for an external flush and associated piping.
  • Heavy-duty balanced construction.
  • Inner springs are non-rotating and isolated from the process medium during operation.
  • Protective hood under springs prevents them from hanging up due to invading solids.
  • Jumbo coil spring design provides high fatigue resistance.
  • All applied O-rings are micro-polished to ensure smooth and non-sticking surfaces.
  • In-line monolithic seal faces with enhanced performance.
  • The CarLife 99SS series shares many parts with the MGS series.


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