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APD302TSD Mechanical seal


☑ Best for Sealing High Temperature
☑ Highly Abrasive and Very Viscous Fluids
☑ Heavy duty seals excel in tough applications
☑ Standard DIN/ANSI
☑ Dual Cartridge Seal

The APD302T and 302TSD seals are designed, manufactured and tested according to API Standard 4th edition. While APD302T is the prototype, both seals have rugged construction and superior clogging resistance. Designed for harsh operating conditions, they are especially suited for high-pressure and high-temperature processes with crystallizing, highly abrasive or viscous media.

(1)APD302T:Standard design for medium / high abrasion or viscosity services.
(2)APD302TSD:Custom design for high abrasion or viscosity services.

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  • Specific Features
  • Operating Capabilities
  • Applications
  • The patented cartridge design features innovative dropproof springs, thereby speeding installation and maintenance.
  • High duty transmission construction ensures consistent performance.
  • The springs are divorced from the process media, and thus free from cracking and clogging problems due to stress corrosion and solids, respectively.
  • Our jumbo coil springs have better wear resistance than many other brands.
  • Designed to eliminate the risk of clogging caused by fluids with medium solids or medium viscosities.
  • Balanced design for both pressure directions.
  • Self-aligning compensates for shaft runout up to ±0.5 mm, increasing operational reliability.
  • Multi-stage heat exchanging design, including a cylindrical cooling jacket, delivers bidirectional cooling flows at high flow rates, greatly extending MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) because of less heat.
  • Capable of near-zero VOC emissions by using a barrier fluid maintained at a proper pressure.
  • Flexible piping plans with a barrier/buffer fluid pressurized or unpressurized, depending on the application.
  • Monolithic sealing faces with precise dimensions and excellent resistance to wear.
  • The APD 302TSD features circular screw threads on the shaft sleeve to expel solids away from the seal as they spin.
  • The APD family shares the major parts.


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