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STG170 Mechanical seal non contact

☑ Non-contacting seal faces
☑ Designed for steam turbines
☑ Reduced Energy/Load/Heat/Vibration
☑ No Auxiliary System Required
☑ Low Maintenance Cost
☑ Compliance to EPA Regulation

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Case study of STG 170 - for steam turbine

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  • Specific Features
  • Operating Capabilities
  • Applications
  • No contact of seal faces. In normal operation, seal faces separate and generate a sealing gap preventing friction and wear which prolong seal duration. 
  • Low power consumption due to non-contacting faces. Seal faces generate significantly less heat and torque, and will not affect turbine's stability. 
  • Self steam lubricated. Reacts sponteneously to maintain normal sealing gap.    
  • Less power requirement. Power consumption of gas seal is only 10%~30% in comparison to traditional wet seal; eliminated carbon emission and cost of wearable materials and support systems.
  • Durable & reliable, relieved of turbine's bearing & oil steam contamination, maintaned clear & clean operating space.


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