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Expert in Mechanical Seals

About Us
27 - 05,2021
Mechanical Seals, Parts, and Anti-Wear Accessories for Fluid Sealing Solutions 
Scenic Seals specialties are in development, manufacturing and testing of fluid sealing products, such as mechanical seal and related sealing support systems as well as wear-resistant materials including carbon graphite, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, engineering plastic and FFKM Perfluoroelastomer O-rings.  Scenic products are mainly cartridge mechanical seals; ANSI specification in CarLife series like CL99 single seal and LD388/389 dual seal; API specification in APD series like APD155 single seal, and APD355 dual seal.  Large mixer/agitators seals in MGS series like MGS99 single seal and MGS2000 dual seal.  Dry or Non-Contacting Gas Seal in FBG series like FBG110 and FBG120 single seals, and FBG210 and FBG220 dual seals.  These unique designs, as the results of our commitment to advancing our sealing techniques and continuous investment in our R&D and technical support teams, have obtained patents in Taiwan, China, the United States and more countries. 

Scenic Seals have serviced variety of industries such as petrochemical, petroleum, power generation, electronics, biomedical, paper and pulp, mining, to steel manufacturing fields.  We dedicate to excel ourselves with state-of-art technology to meet ever-changing industries globally.  Meanwhile, we provide fully technical support to help customers dramatically reduce the maintenance cost as well as increase the productivity, for example, design optimization, system planning advice, and new seals selection….etc.

For some specific consumable components in rotating equipment, Scenic collaborates respectively with Morgan Advanced Materials (United Kingdom) and Saint-Gobain (France) as working partners in Taiwan.  Furthermore, Scenic has been authorized as distributor to design and process high performance engineering plastics like MAT/RULON…which are applied on pump bearings, vane wear rings, thrust washers, compressor piston rings, scraper rings, valves, guide rings and sealing rings…so on.  
Scenic Seals is one-stop solution to satisfy high speed and dry running process.    

Based on 36 decades experiences and strong RD team,
Scenic Seals is continuously expanding own brand.  Nowadays Scenic Seals have been launched to over than 40 countries across 4 continents and still keep growing.  In responds to the growing market and evolving industrial applications, Scenic now is aiming to expand overseas distributors and to combine our global partners to achieve the goal of local services worldwide.

(1) Rulon®, Meldin®---registered trademark by Saint-Gobain
(2) AR®WR®,Chemraz®---registered trademark by Green Tweed