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Cartridge Seals

26 - 05,2021

  SCENIC MGS type is made for large mixer and agitator with significant radial shaft movement (e.g. run-out, whip or deflection), each seal designed on the basis of different application, RPM and temperature.

  Scenic's MGS cartridge seals feature the shaft self-aligning and balanced structure from both directions. This innovative design complies  with API plans of 52/53/54, allowing common and pressurized system schemes .  MGS seals offer the most reliable solutions with a good selction of rotary face mateiral and customized structures.

  MGS type shared the major parts with other Scenic types; it lowered maintenance cost and reduced on parts inventory. Suitable for mixer and agitator reaction tank, for chemical industry such as PVC, ABS, LATEX, EXPOSY, etc.
Scenic® chooses the best type of seal for you. Feel free to contact with us.