Chemical & Pharmaceutical

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Plastics, Rubber, Fibers, Chemicals

Chemical processes often involve dangerous and toxic materials, including high temperatures, pressures, strong corrosives, and flammable substances, which can have adverse effects on the environment and human health. Therefore, the equipment used in these processes, such as reactors, mixing tanks, pumps, and piping systems, must meet high standards of safety and reliability. Mechanical seals serve as a sealing device to prevent hazardous substances from leaking (VOC) and protect the operation of transmission systems ensuring the safety of the plant while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs, thereby enhancing equipment operating efficiency and service life.

Scenic specializes in designing and manufacturing various types of single and dual cartridge mechanical seals that conform to DIN/ANSI standards, as well as being compatible with API 682 piping plans. We select the most appropriate materials according to different processes and provide complete and professional sealing solutions. The innovative design and high quality of our products ensure safety in hazardous industrial environments, reduce failure rates, and lower maintenance costs.

Sealing Solution