Engineering & Creative Design

Scenic® R&D team has abundance in design and field experiences. We constantly promote innovation products to meet the latest market demand and environment protection requirement. Scenic® Cartridge seals type of MAG 2000™, CARLIFE 99™, EZ-46™, LD 388™, are all with modern configuration design, excellent performance and widely used in many industries, like refinery, petrochemical industry, electronic industry, nuclear power plant, Biochemistry, Food-processing & Pharmaceutical factory…etc. 

For past few years, Scenic® wins many significant seal projects from on & offshore Petrochemical plant. E.g. seal rebuilding for high pressure feed water pump in power plant; big seal shaft size: 320 project for Formosa Petrochemical Corporation; project all seals for new plant of TSRC; 100 nos. mixer seals project in Chemistry in Tianjin, China; dry mixer project for Eternal, Taiwan .etc. In the meantime, also wins Customer’s highly trust and positive response of our products and service. Other than that, we have contracted a long term regular order with BP group, Capco, Taiwan Styrene Monomer Corporation, TRSC..ect. 

Scenic® is competent in projecting customized mechanical seal and mating/wearing parts of rotary equipment in whole plant to ensure the stability and reliability of production process and increase Customer's production and competition advantage.



  • Innovation mechanical seal design
  • Cartridge seal design & manufacture comply with API/DIN/ANSI standard.
  • Cooperation with rotating equipment manufacture to design exclusive seals.
  • Customized Mechanical seal design & manufacture for Special production procedure.
  • Configuration analysis & best design.
  • Seal design project for all plant rotation equipments / proficient consultation /
    technical support / maintain.
  • Piping for mech. seal and improve/design buffer fluid reservoirs.
  • Carbon/SIC Bearing design for sealess pump/manufacture/technical support.
  • Single/Dual bellow design & supply.
  • Non-contacting seal dynamic inspection / maintenance.

"Me Too" is not Scenic's style, we hold the principles of Innovation, Constant products improvement, Customer-Oriented & Satisfaction. Continously developing our own intellectual properties and bears the ambition to penetrate the market as those world-wide famous companies.

Scenic® has capabilities to provide “tailor-made” seals, which is made per customer’s itself rotary equipment and will ensure the production procedure going smoothly and stable so as to increase their production and competitive advantage.

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