• Mechanical Seals, Parts, and Anti-Wear Accessories for Fluid Sealing Solutions 

    Scenic was established in 1986 in Taiwan and now becomes one of the qualified members of both API (American Petroleum Institute) and FSA (Fluid Sealing Association). From a local factory to an international seal supplier with a global sales network of many authorized distributors, we have been involved in the fluid sealing industry over 30 years and built up our reputation with quality and reliability. We specialize in developing, manufacturing, and testing mechanical seals and related sealing support systems, as well as providing wear-resistant sealing components, including carbon graphite, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide and FFKM Perfluoroelastomer O-rings.

    From general single/dual cartridge seals of CarLife® series to advanced mixer/agitator seals of MGS® series, Scenic seals features simple yet innovative designs that adhere to international standards, such as DIN, ANSI, JIS, ISO, GB and API-682, with the advantages of compatible and exchangeable dimensions. These unique designs, as the results of our commitment to advancing our sealing techniques and continuous investment in our R&D and technical support teams, have received patents in Taiwan, China, the United Stated and other countries. More than that, our modular production system promises our customers the most favorite delivery time and the most reliable quality. Customers served by Scenic are from many industries, from petrochemical, petroleum, power generation, electronics, biomedical, paper and pulp, mining, to steel manufacturing fields, and across more than 10 countries.

    Scenic’s competitive advantages are built on the innovative production designs and a complete supply chain. Besides, we have noticed the importance of familiarizing material properties and cooperated with many international material suppliers, including Morgan Advanced Materials, Saint-Gobain, and Green Tweed, to be their global partner in Taiwan. MAT, Rulon®, Meldin®(1), AR®,WR®, Chemraz®(2), among a broad range of high-performance engineering plastics, are included on our catalogue. Therefore, we obtain reliable material sources and have a good command of physical properties of each material, by which we can reach to the details of every sealing component and control the quality. Pump bearings, vane wear rings, thrust washers, compressor piston rings, scraper rings, valves, guide rings, and sealing rings, every part is treated carefully by us.

    Scenic serves our customers with the capacity of efficiently handling their most demanding requirements, such as low operating costs, extended MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), and consistent quality and performance. Not simply a vendor, Scenic has established its reputation in the industry as a total-solution provider with prompt and reliable technical supports to meet end users’ exact needs.

    (1) Rulon®, Meldin®---registered trademark by Saint-Gobain

    (2) AR®, WR®,Chemraz®---registered trademark by Green Tweed