APD 302 / 302SD


    APD 302TM / 302SDTM

    Dual (Back to Back) Cartridge Seal for Sealing Corrosive and Abrasive Applications



    • Designed for heavy industry pumps pumping very viscous media, such as asphalt or pitch transfer pumps under high temperature towers, large heavy oil transfer pumps and refining process pumps.
    • Prevent hazardous emissions of acidic, caustic, corrosive, volatile and toxic media.
    • Ideal for high viscosity applications, such as emulsions, latex and rubber.
    • Reliable sealing for high temperature, high or varying pressure processes.
    • Engineered to cope with process fluids prone to crystallize, or with a high percentage of abrasive solids or powder.
    • Withstand dry running involved with frequent starts and stops.
    • Used for dry-running applications in specialty equipment, such as air transportation blowers.
    • Ability to tolerate short intermittent dry-running in batch charging and discharging equipment.
    • Widely used in the refining, petrochemical, rubber, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, pipeline transportation, renewable energy, and power generation industries.


    Specific Features

    • Non-wetted seal design where most seal components are kept away from process contamination.
    • Normally operated with pressurized system; however, unpressurized system may apply for certain criteria.
    • Creative flow guide rim ensures barrier circulation flow throughout the cartridge cavity.
    • Robust and compact configurations ideal for seal chamber of limited space.
    • APD 302 / 302SD
    • APD 302 / 302SD
    • APD 302 / 302SD
    • Operating Capabilities
    • Temperature: -40 ~ 230°C (-40 ~ 446 °F )
    • Pressure: Up to 300 psig (21 kg/cm2G)
    • Surface Speed: Up to 5000 fpm (25 m/s)
    • Standard Materials
    • Stationary Ring:Carbon Graphite / Silicon Carbide / Tungsten Carbide
    • Rotary Ring:Silicon Carbide / Tungsten Carbide
    • Metal Parts:316 SS / 304 SS / 316L SS / 316Ti SS / Duplex Stainless / Alloy C-276 / Titanium / Monel®
    • Elastomeric O-rings:FKM / AFLAS / NBR / EPDM / TV / FFKM (SceniRAZTM / Chemraz® / Kalrez®)
    • Gland Gasket:Glass-Filled PTFE / Non- Asbestos / O-Ring
    • Springs:316 SS / Alloy C-276 / Inconel®
    • Custom designs are available to cover the specific needs of customers.