Material Application & Supply

Scenic® as one of distributor of SGL Carbon Graphite in Taiwan, we can provide various grades and dimension of Carbon graphite in blank or as finish parts. 

Except the wear-resisting material,Scenic® also provides special alloy material such as titanium, zirconium and C-276. For anti-fretting material, Scenic®offers PTFE/PTFE+fiber glass/PTFE+graphite/PTFE+carbon fiber…etc.

In 1993, Scenic® introduced Silicon manufacturing process from the USA, and applied it into the mechanical seal, sealess pump, and semiconductor industry. This was the beginning of Silicon used in mechanical seal in Taiwan. Meanwhile, Scenic also developed wear-resisting material testing equipments along with analyzing software to test the structure, wear, stress and longevity of material like Carbon Graphite, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide….etc. (Scenic® has always been a leader on material and provide the best quality to our customers.


  • SGL Carbon Graphite Supplying
  • Special Material SIC/CB Application & Expert Consultation
  • Material Testing, Analyzing and Expert Consulting
  • Silicon, Carbon and Tungsten Carbide Wearing Material OEM Supply
  • Carbon/SIC Bearing , Sealless Technical Support
  • Special Alloy Material such as Titanium, Zirconium and C-276
  • PTFE / PTFE+fiber Glass / PTFE+ Graphite / PTFE+Carbon Fiber …etc.
  • Supply of the Wear-resistant Plastics and Components, Compliant to API Standards- Greene Tweed® WR®/AR®
  • Mogan MAT Performance Plastic Supplying