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Industries Served

Industries Served

[General] Wastewater Treatment

[Chemical] Acid Transfer Process

[Chemical] Caustic & Chlor-Alkali

[Chemical] High Viscosity Process

[Chemical] Crystallization Process

[Refinement] Petroleum industry

[Refinement] High Temp. process

[High Purity] Food & Beverage

[Power Industries] Nuclear Power Plant

[Power Industries] Thermal Power Plant

[Power Industries] Hydropower

[Scientific & Technical] Electronics Industry

[High Purity process] Organism/Pharmaceutical

[General Industry] Pipeline

[Renewable Energy] Bio-diesel

[General Industry] Gas Process

[General Industry] General Process

[Scientific & Technical] Semiconductor

[Special Process] Slurry Process

[Special Process] Thermal Insulation

[Special Process] Vacuum Process

[Other Industries] Mining

[Other Industries] Pulp and Paper

[Other Industries] Iron and Steel

[Other Industries] Marine

[Equipment] Fan & Blower

[Equipment] Mixer/Agitator

[Equipment] Lobe Pump

[Equipment] Gear Pump

[Equipment] Vane Pump

[Equipment] Compressor

[Equipment] Screw Pump

[Equipment] Non-Seal Pump

[Equipment] Mixer(Without Support)

[Special Process] Dry Running

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