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         Established in 1986 and now member of both API (American Petroleum Institute) and FSA (Fluid Sealing Association), Scenic Precise Element, Inc. specializes in the design, manufacture, modification and repair of mechanical seals, including the development and application of silicon-carbide bearings for sealless pumps, as well as the application of anti-fretting materials, such as carbon graphite, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide and more. Since its inception, Scenic has been dedicated to providing customers with the most advanced products and solutions, plus superior customer service. With the commitment of its experienced R&D team to innovation and technology, and continued investment in R&D and workforce, Scenic can offer the most competitive products and pricing.

          In response to the growing market demands and evolving industrial applications, Scenic has launched next generation cartridge seals meeting all applicable DIN(1), ANSI(2) and API-682 standards. The seals adopt modular package design and have received both domestic and international patents. Monitored by a thorough quality control process, Scenic’s premier products and services are known and valued worldwide. While focusing on R&D, the company also offers comprehensive support including design optimization, field services and system planning guidance; through working closely with end users, the ultimate goal is to keep their rotating equipment up and running stably, smoothly and efficiently to beat the competition with greater productivity and lower costs.

          With a lengthy tradition of reliable products, innovative engineering, manufacturing practices and skilled technical support, Scenic is qualified to supply sealing solutions tailored to end users’ specific needs for a broad range of industrial applications, including petrochemical, petroleum, power generation, electronics, biomedical and steel manufacturing. Three decades of continuous work in mechanical seals, coupled with the unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, make Scenic the clear choice as a preferred partner to provide high performance products and world class solutions at fair prices. Through a global network of authorized distributors, the company is currently supplying the markets in more than 10 countries for a diverse group of customers.

          For years, Scenic regularly collaborated with academic organizations to study the properties, testing and application of wear-resistant materials and their compounds. Through the cohesive partnerships that are mutually beneficial, college students have access to the knowledge of mechanical seals and get real-world training with Scenic’s experience, expertise and facilities. Scenic is proud to be the industrial host of these cooperative programs for future engineers. Additionally, the company has been awarded many grants from NSC (National Science Council of Taiwan) for related research.


         Scenic’s consistent commitment to “Quality First” and “Innovative Design” has enabled the company to grow into one of the most reliable brands in the sealing industry. Having maintained a strong focus on improving seal performance and durability, Scenic is not only a leading designer and manufacturer of sealing products in Taiwan, but also a trusted supplier with the ability to identify and solve critical challenges in the highly competitive international market.

          In April 2009, Scenic became a proud member of FSA in USA. Then the only one approved for Asian companies except those in Japan, the membership serves as international recognition for Scenic’s ability to build certified high-quality products and back them with reliable customer service, all achieving a high level of competitiveness.

           Scenic continues to develop mechanical seals that are designed to perform and built to last with easy assembly, high energy efficiency and low environmental impact. The company also supplies a variety of wear-resistant materials and seal elements for various applications. Having integrated individual services into a single source for customers, Scenic provides end users with the capacity and ability to efficiently handle their most demanding requirements, such as low operating costs, extended MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), and consistent quality and performance. Not simply a vendor, Scenic has established its reputation in the industry as a solution provider of prompt and continuing technical support to meet end users’ exact needs.

          For Scenic, brand recognition for quality and value with its customers is a product of intelligent hard work. Everything the company does is driven by its core value, Excelsior, to continually create “Seals of Quality” for a growing world. And every demand and challenge presented by customers and the industry will promote the company’s inventive thinking, breadth of experts and high demand for a quality product.

(1)DIN – German Institute of Standardization, similar to US ANSI
(2)ANSI – American National Standardization Institute

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